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Funky patterns? Check
Psychedelic colors? Check
People you don't even remotely know? Double check.
Awww yeeeah.

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My favorite thing about deviant art? Designing my own personal gallery of such awesome work!


The End by ThePaisleyLady
The End
Prismacolor Colored Pencils and Kuretake Bimoji Pen

So, who’s ready for that series’ finale?  I’m not.

This picture represents a big step for me, because it’s the first fan art I’ve created specifically to use as a print to sell at cons.  I’m a little nervous, since my style is a lot more cartoony than a lot of the work I see at conventions, plus it’s traditional instead of digital, which of course makes it a bit messier by default.  I hope people like it, if only because it’s a bit different.  

God I love the Grunkles.

Empathea (Witchsona 2016) by ThePaisleyLady
Empathea (Witchsona 2016)

Witchsona 2016!

Tragically, in the year since we saw her last, Hammelin lost her familiar Nostradamus, and fell into a deep depression.  While she is still a storytime witch in her 9-5, lately she has been exploring the art of Empathea, a school of magick that draws its power from strong emotions, channeling them into concussive blasts.  Afterwards the user is left in a state of zen like bliss, which makes them particularly susceptible to use addiction.  

Made with prismacolor pencils and kuretake bimoji pens.

BFFs4AftaLyf by ThePaisleyLady

Gouache and Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper


A little holiday commission for my friend to her new girlfriend.  That’s the power of love y’all!  In case you can’t tell, that’s the View Askew-niverse’/Kevin Smith’s Buddy Christ (TM) and his cute new boyfriend, Elvis Presley.  Hey, I don’t make the requests, I just fulfill ‘em.  But I did have a giggle creative this gaudy and oh-so-subversive piece.  SO.  MUCH.  GLITTER.  Merry post-Christmas you guys! 

The Only Harmless Great Thing by ThePaisleyLady
The Only Harmless Great Thing
Mixed Media on Wood Panel

New commission finished!  A gift from my pal to his new lady friend.  Yay romance!

"Nature's great masterpiece, an elephant - the only harmless great thing." - John Donne


Paisley Gray
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
I am a 25 year old art painter living in the southern U.S. I specialize in portraits using watercolour, marker, and gouache. I love comic books, tattoos, and children's illustration, and hope to one day work in one of these industries.

"Loving is Sharing Rainbows of Happiness"

Current Residence: Lovely House with Lovely Man and 2 Lovely Cats and 1 Lovely Puppy

Favourite genre of music: Depressing and Romantic, usually with acoustic and piano, and light electronic touches.

Favourite style of art: good.

Favourite cartoon/comic characters: HIM (Powerpuff Girls), Nightcrawler (Marvel), Hulk (Marvel), Batman (DC), Green Arrow (DC), Harley Quinn (DC), Carrie Kelly (DC), Cassidy (Vertigo), Delirium (Vertigo), Doki & Nabi (There She Is!!!), Charles Foster Ofdensen (Metalocalypse), Mary Daisy Dinkle and Max Jerry Horowitz (Mary and Max), Syndrome (The Incredibles), Lilo (Lilo and Stitch), Doctor Girlfriend (Venture Bros.), Dale Gribble (King of the Hill), Zuko and Uncle Iroh (Avatar: TLA), Bolin and Lin Bei Fong (Avatar: LoK), Megamind (Dreamworks), probably more, I am a cartoon/comic addict.

Personal Quote: Squee!
I feel like other people put personal shit all up on DA, and I got nothing.  Oh well.

UPDATE: I told my commissioners that I was taking the summer off to work on my webcomic.  So far I have finished 2 pages and am almost done drawing the 3rd.  This sounds like nothing but it's an absolutely new medium to me and this is as far as I have ever gotten to my lifelong dream, so I am pretty psyched.  Hopefully over time I will get fast with it.  It's drawn on watercolor paper and then subsequently painted.  It's also hand-lettered.  So there's that.  I have 25 pages scripted, and if I can finish all of them I will launch a site.  That's the goal.  

Even though I enjoy my fanart and fanart commissions, sometimes it feels awfully hollow, artistically speaking, so it is nice to be working on something that is all my own.  

So far as personal life goes, we moved into a real house.  The entire upstairs is my own personal library/studio.  LIVING LIKE BELLE BITCHES!!!  Right, ok.  And speaking of libraries, I am now working full time as a children's librarian, and I get to do storytimes and all sorts of fun stuff, and it's just the best job in the world, ok?  

I finally feel like an adult because I'm gainfully employed and almost all of our meals are home-cooked instead of eating McD's everyday.  Holy shit, how are we still alive?  College was a pretty horrible time for me, artistically, emotionally, and physically.  Things have been really looking up since I graduated at the end of '12.   

Welp, that's all.  Just felt like spewing out some random info.  Enjoy the tiny glimpse into a complete stranger's life ya'll.
  • Listening to: Milo Greene/Shiny Toy Guns
  • Reading: Y: The Last Man
  • Watching: Chuck/Veronica Mars
  • Playing: Pathfinder/D&D Next/Numenera
  • Eating: GYROS
  • Drinking: Coffee, for like the first time ever, wow.

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